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GRAN, Inc. Application Acceptance Process & Criteria

Please review the following thoroughly before you proceed.


• Each person over the age of 18 must complete an online
application. Incomplete information will cause a delay in the process and may result in denial.
• At the end of the application you will be advised of your rights under state and federal consumer reporting law. In addition, you will be required to enter a valid credit (or debit) card for the non-refundable $43 screening fee(a receipt will be provided upon successful submission)- This fee applies to each adult over the age of 18 to reside in the unit.
• Applications are processed on a first come,first serve basis.


Holding An Apartment:

• Anapartment is taken “off the market” and considered “held” when an application is completed and theholding fee is paid. Please contact the apartment community to arrange payment of the holding fee. A receipt will be provided for the holding fee at the time of payment.
• If approved for tenancy, the holding fee (equal to the amount of the security deposit) guarantees that you, as the applicant, will pay a full month’s rent and the security deposit required by the rental agreement.Your second month will reflect a credit from the pro-rated days, if any, of the first month.
• If an application is submitted without a holding fee,no specific apartment will be held.
• The holding fee will not be refunded unless the apartment can not be delivered to the applicant for the agreed upon possession date. When tenancy does occur,this fee will then be applied to your ledger.
• If tenancy does not occur, any check left in our possession may be picked-up within 24 hours of notification.Or,it will be mailed back to you (with the signature torn off) no later than 48 hours of your being notified of the results of your screening.

The Screening Process:

• Please be advised that the screening will be conducted by Moco Incorporated., whose telephone number is (800) 814-8213, and email is
• An application is generally completed within 48 hours. If, after 72 hours, the application has not been completed, we will proceed with the next application and holding fee submitted.
• Once your application has been completed, we will call you with the results. The results of the screening may require additional stipulations, such an increased security deposit. Up on your acceptance of the results,the holding fee will be deposited.Please be advised, in the event that an applicant(s) does not move in as agreed, the holding fee is non-refundable.
• If your application is denied or approved with a stipulation (increased security deposit)you will also be issued a written notice of adverse action.

Residential Qualification Criteria

September 2018

Valid Photo Identification will be Required of all Applicants

    6 months of valid, verifiable rental history.
    Valid rental history is a written lease or month-to-month agreement. If rental history is less than 6 months then an increased deposit may be requested. 1 late payment, NSF checks and/or noise complaints within 12 months may result in an increased deposit.

    Established credit history is not required for qualification of residency. Derogatory credit history (excluding medical debt) in excess of $500 but less than $3,000 then an increased deposit may be required. A discharged bankruptcy that is older than 24 months may qualify for an approval as long as there is no derogatory credit (medical debt will not be included as derogatory credit) after the discharge date.

    6 months with current employer or previous employment within the same profession.
    If (current and/or previous) employment within the same profession is less than 6 months then an increased deposit may be required.
  • INCOME :
    Monthly legal and verifiable income must be equal to at least 3 times the rental amount. If income is less than 3 times the rental amount, but more than 2.5 times the rental amount, then an increased deposit may be required.
Acceptable documentation for legal, verifiable income varies based on the income source. Generally accepted documentation may include 2 consecutive (recent) paystubs, most recent tax returns, W2, Leave & Earnings Statement (LES), Statement of Social Security Benefits, Student loan statement, I20 (International Students), etc.
If an applicant is receiving assistance from a federal, state, local or non-profit entity then the applicant need only meet the income requirement of their portion of the rent. Proof of assistance will be required prior to move in.

 The following will result in denial of the application:
• Verified eviction showing on credit report or confirmed with landlord.
• Rental collection and / or judgment verified on credit report
• Balance owing to landlord
• Derogatory credit (excluding medical debt) in excess of $2,999
• Open or non-discharged bankruptcy
• Foreclosed or past due mortgage
• Monthly income that is less than 2.5 times the rental amount.
• 2 or more late payments and/or NSF checks and/or Noise Complaints within the last 12- month rental period
• Unverifiable social security number, state driver’s license or ID card
• Falsification of rental application
• Breaking lease agreement that will result in collection filing

Please be advised, a landlord (within the Seattle city limits) is prohibited from requiring disclosure, asking about, rejecting an applicant, or taking adverse action based on any arrest record, conviction record, or criminal history, except sex offender registry information which is the result of an adult criminal conviction – as described in Subsection 14.09.025 A3., 14.09.025 A4., and 14.09.025 A5, and subject to the exclusions and legal requirements in Section 14.09.115.

We do not automatically deny applicants based on sex offender registry that is the result of an adult criminal conviction. Rather, consideration is based on the nature of the offense and time passed since the date of final disposition. Supplemental information can be provided to the landlord by the applicant, or produced on behalf of the applicant, with respect to the applicant’s rehabilitation and/or good conduct. Supplemental information may include,but not limited to: conviction information; certification of rehabilitation; written or oral statements by the applicant, past or present employer(s), current and prior landlord(s), members of the judiciary or law enforcement, parole officer, member of clergy, counselor or therapists, social workers or similar person(s).
Final recommendation will be dependent on all areas of qualification outlined above.

Consider this statement as notification that we do not accept a comprehensive reusable tenant screening report, as defined by RCW 59.18.257.

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