Main Office Directory

Main Office Directory

Laurie Maris
206-283-4720 x 221​

Rochelle Hann
206-283-4720 x 222​

Alice Hart
WA Regional Property Manager
206-283-4720 x 225
Communities: Crystal Manor, El Toro, Jem Wey and Aloha Wey, Riverview, Shannon South, Spanish Hills, Summerhill, Tiki, and Village Green Apartments.
Michelle Marchello
WA Regional Property Manager
206-283-4720 x 227
Communities: Autumn Ridge, Largo Vista, North Country Manor, Trailside, University Park and Dolphin Apartments.
Christy Rohr
WA​ Regional Property Manager
206-283-4720 x 224​
Communities: 9200 Redmond Place, Sammamish Beach Club, and Scarborough Townhomes.
Sue Orcutt
CO Regional Property Manager
Becki Rabe
Assistant Property Manager
Melinda Trammell
Marketing & Training Director
206-283-4720 x 100​

Barbara Krause
206-283-4720 x 221​

Nelson Nakata
Company Services, Asset Management
206-283-4720 x 226
Tim Forrest
Regional Maintenance Supervisor